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Patient Care Team

Berkshire Dental Group's Dental Team

Our dental care staff is just that: a dental care staff. In addition to excellent credentials, training and ongoing education, we bring something special to our office: a commitment to put others first. We strive for courtesy as well as competence; kindness as well as meticulous care; and genuine respect for each person who becomes our patient.

Our commitment to putting others first is also demonstrated in our relationships within the team; in our interactions with each other. Because we know God has accepted us based on Jesus’ sin payment on our behalf, we can be accepting of others. And because His acceptance wasn’t based on our perfection, we can be real with others: vulnerable, trusting, forbearing and flexible. Further, because God gives us room to grow, not expecting perfection but encouraging progress, we can do the same with those around us. And finally, because God knows our hearts as well as our actions, we strive for integrity: we’re who we say we are both in our private and in our public lives.

And while this may be hard to comprehend if you’ve never experienced it before, we can assure you’ll find it to be true in our attitudes and in our practice. How can a team of people claim all these things? Because we’re dependant upon God’s endless supply of empowering love for others.